TRV Series - How It Works

Exclusively Developed General-Purpose Dry Vacuum Pump To Get Advantage of Treating Condensable Gas

This pump series is 4 stages Roots type. The cooling effect of a high efficiency jacketed pump housing eliminates inter cooler and drain tanks. The top suction port and bottom discharge port makes Top-Down transportation of gas. This configuration ensures rapid and complete draining. The pump ensure easy solvent recovery in the discharge of the vacuum pump.

TRV HIW Diagram

Characteristics of TRV Series

Reduced Power Consumption

In all compression steps, the back-flow cooling system is applied. Also, in the gas flow passage to the next stage, the gas will be cooled down by water jacket. This low temperature compression and cooling system are repeated in all stages. As a result, the pump has good efficiency and reduced power consumption.
Compact & Low Maintenance As the vertical configuration eliminates drain tanks and high frame, the pump footprint is very small.
Low Level Operation The specially designed compact vacuum pump is a very low noise type. As the rotors are perfectly balanced by means of a dynamic balancing machine, noise and vibration are minimized.
Wide Operating Range The pump can be operated at any suction pressure. The three lobe rotor design permits stable performance at any suction pressure from atmospheric to blank-off.
Backing Pump For larger pumping system or high vacuum application, this pump can be used with a mechanical booster. It is easy to make a compact vacuum system in combination with our vertical dry vacuum pump.

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