At Precise Mechanical, we offer a number of different ways to recondition your Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump or Compressor. We can do full Stainless Steel Repairs, Cast Iron Repairs, or we can coat all internal wetted areas with Epoxy Coating or Halar (Plastic). We offer you a complete disassembly, inspection and repair estimate at No Cost! Should you decide not to have us repair your equipment all you pay for is freight to and from Precise Mechanical. We also offer Turn-Key jobs, this means we will come to your facility and remove your old pump and install a new one. This allows your maintenance crew to work on the more critical jobs on the outage, which allows you to get more maintenance completed.


Precise offers onsite fiberscope inspection to determine the condition of a pump without costly dis-assembly, we can track the amount of wear per year to budget for costly repairs, instead of waiting for emergency failures.

bearing failure

Bearing Failure Cone Taper to Rotor Taper

good clearances

Good Clearances

Precise Mechanical offers repairs of vacuum pumps from power plants, paper mills, chemical plants and any industry that requires a liquid ring pump or compressor. We are also experienced in mechanical seals, so we can handle all makes and models.

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