Gardner Denver Nash Pump Repair

Seven Point Gardner Denver Nash Pump Repair Process

Precise Mechanical has developed an extensive Seven Point Repair and Refurbishment process for all Nash and Gardner Denver Nash Vacuum Pumps.  Our process allows for our technicians to thoroughly inspect each piece of equipment and examine all key components with the vacuum pump.  Our goal with each repair process is to return the pump to OEM working standards to the best of our ability.  Our Seven Step Pump Repair Process Includes:

  • Tear Down & Inspection
  • Material Inspection
  • Remanufacturing
  • Tolerance Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Painting
  • Final Inspection

Each of our processes in the pump repair process are performed by experience mechanics and machinists that have experience working with Nash and Gardner Denver Nash vacuum pump equipment.

Tear Down & Inspection

Each Nash and Gardner Denver Nash liquid ring pumps are disassembled or fiberscope inspected.  This extensive process allows our experienced team to identify the cause of the failure within the liquid pump.  Our experienced pump technicians are able to provide you with the information required to understand why your pump failed and what corrective action needs to be taken to repair the liquid ring vacuum pump.

Once we have determined the cause of the failure and the required repair we are able to provide each customer with a firm quotation that outlines the cost, materials required and labor services to complete the repair.  

Materials Inspection

All materials and remanufactured parts meet current OEM specifications.  All stainless steel used in the lining of parts are 304L or 316L to meet manufactures specifications.  In the event a new component is required they are manufactured to meet the original specs of a Gardner Denver Nash Casting.


Precise Mechanical replaces all liquid ring vacuum parts with parts that meet the original specifications of Gardner Denver Nash pumps.
We offer top quality replacement products at competitive pricing
Each repaired pump operated at 90-95% of a new pump
We offer a large inventory or Gardner Denver Nash pumps to help eliminate downtime.

Each Gardner Denver Nash pumps are repaired/remanufactured utilizing an assortment of new and remanufactured parts.  Precise Mechanical is able to offer new bearings, packing and gaskets.  In each repair process we are able supply bearings, gaskets, packing, seals and piping.


Each Gardner Denver Nash pump is repaired to original OEM tolerances and specifications.  Our experienced team of mechanics and machinists have a great working knowledge of each Gardner Denver Nash vacuum pump.


As each Gardner Denver Nash vacuum pump is repaired each clearance and tolerance is double checked during assembly.  Each part and component are inspected to insure the final assembled vacuum pump operates smoothly and effectively.

Painting & Coating

Per customer specifications all pumps are primed and painted to help insure the longevity of the pump.  We can paint each pump to meet customer color standards if needed.

Final Inspection

The final and most critical step on the repair process of a Gardner Denver Nash vacuum pump is the final inspection process.  We pride ourselves in providing our customers with replacement or repaired vacuum pumps that meet OEM standards and your utilizations standards.  Prior to shipping we examine each aspect of the vacuum pump to meet OEM standards and insure we help you eliminate downtime related to your repaired pump.

Contact Precise Mechanical for all of your Gardner Denver Nash Pump Repair Needs.

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