Cast Iron Repairs


  • Disassemble & inspect all parts for wear, corrosion or other damage, record critical dimensions. Inspection report submitted as required.
  • After approval, all components are sandblasted before proceeding with repair.


  • Machine OD of cone tapers to compensate for wear and eccentricity.
  • Bolting flange is machined as needed to true mounting surfaces.


  • Repair any areas of erosion on blade tips.
  • Pre-machine rotor tapers to accept nickel weld for dimension corrections. Machine tapers to OEM specifications.
  • Rotor shaft assembly is checked on all fits for concentricity after shaft is re-installed in rotor.
  • Balance rotor as needed.


  • Check bearing journals, lip seal areas and packing areas for wear.
  • Sleeve needed areas and machine to size.


  • Check body end fits and compression areas for size.
  • Pre-machine body end fits to accept S/S shroud rings, weld rings, and machine to OEM dimensions.
  • Weld compression area with nickel wire as needed and machine to OEM specifications.


  • Check all critical areas for flatness, concentricity, and size.
  • Sleeve bearing bores, or stuffing boxes, and machine to size.
  • Weld heads faces that are worn with nickel wire and machine to OEM dimensions.


  • Examine all misc parts, bearing caps, packing glands to insure all parts are correct.
  • Replace all misc parts with new – bearings, lip seals, piping, check valves, nuts, and bolts, etc.
  • Assemble to OEM specifications.

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